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I'm Val Kirkgaard Ph.d. (honorary) and I committed in 1992 to make the finest and highest quality cone I could produce. When I accepted my place in this 5000 year old tradition I was delighted to contribute quality, love and community education on this ancient subject. It is with great greatitude I offer you Laughing Dragon cones, my contribution to this wonderful legacy of ear candles.

Ear Candling

What Coning Can Do For You - Improved Hearing, Detox of Sinus, Detox of Lymph System

The eustachian tube runs from the lymphatic system up the side of the neck and into the ear canal. When this tube is backed up, many of the problems listed above occur. The tube is packed with toxins that the lymphatic system was unable to eliminate. Most people have never had these tubes cleared. What would your mouth be like it you had never brushed your teeth? How do you know when the tube is cleared out? With Ear Candling, you feel smoke/heat by the clavical bone. Once that is accomplished (normally 1 to 3 treatments of 3 pairs per treatment) the real work begins which is that of cleaning the blood (normally about 10 - 6 cone sessions).


The Coning/Candling Company has been featured on NBC's "Extra" and Evening News with Bruce Hensel, MD; Fox Channel 11 News and G Q Magazine, as well as in this
Los Angeles Times Article.



Thank you letter for ear candles

We have been making rose essence, Reiki enchanged, premium beeswax ear cones / ear candles for ear coning since 1992. Many customers say we have the finest ear cones money can buy. And we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If you wish to return our ear cones FOR ANY REASON, simply call us for return instructions and we will refund you on the entire cost of the cones (cone cost + shipping and handling) and we will pay to have the cones returned to has. AND WE WILL DO THIS CHEERFULLY.





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